Season 5: Question Everything

The Pillowman-2.png
The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh


January 24-27, 2019

Threshold Repertory Theater 

(84 Society Street, Charleston, SC)

Somewhere in an unnamed Eastern European authoritarian state, writer Katurian Katurian has been arrested for reasons unknown to him. As his interrogation goes on, he learns about a series of gruesome child murders which all bear a disturbing resemblence to his own short stories. With his writing on trial and his mentally handicapped brother apparently being tortured in the holding cell next door, Katurian must find a way to protect himself, his brother, and the stories that he intended to leave as his legacy. 

This dark comedy by master of the genre Martin McDonagh raises timely questions about censorship and the artist's responsibility to society. 

New Play Showcase: 
Blight by John Bavoso 
Skin and Bones by Laura Neill


February 14-17, 2019

Two new plays, playing in rep at 

Threshold Repertory Theater 

(84 Society Street, Charleston, SC)

Blight follows Silvia and Cat Henson as they move from a tiny apartment in Washington, DC, to their dream home in the small town of Greenville, Delaware. But the house only happens to be in their price range because it was most recently the home of a teenaged mass shooter and his single mother. Within days of moving in, they're confronted by a mayor who wants to erase their house from the map, a neighbor who wants to turn it into a museum, and an alarmingly well-adjusted consultant who specializes in the macabre. Is this the right time and place for Cat to start a family, or will the house create a rift between them they can't ever mend? 

Skin and Bones is a collision of worlds, a conversation between Katharine, a retired theatre usher, and Marly, a bouncer. The conversation is far from usual--Katharine masquerades as a Vietnam vet to defy Marly's expectations, and Marly counters by convincing Katharine that she has Alzheimer's. In playing to each other's greatest insecurities, these two go farther than any stranger should--but through this dishonesty and torture, Katharine and Marley recognize their need for connection. Skin and Bones is a play about loneliness, about feeling left out after following all of society's expectations... and about finding a way to keep living.


Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.

by Neil Simon

April 2019

Too Much Memory

“It’s the Greeks tonight.

The old stories that never die.”

The language and the setting are thoroughly new, but the questions are the same in this contemporary retelling of Sophocles’ Antigone.  What do you do when the law of your government is at odds with what you know to be right? How much should you risk for family? For justice? For Antigone, the answer is that you should risk everything.

by Keith Reddin and Meg Gibson

May/June 2019